Letwina Fushai is a bubbly, sharp tongued Zimbabwean single mother of two currently based in Portland, Oregon USA. Her professional background comes from the international donor community as a research economist. She has worked with organizations such as the United Nations, the United States Agency for International Development and for over three decades worked on poverty alleviation initiatives and tackled gender issues in sub-Saharan Africa. Having relocated to Portland, Oregon late 2010, she realized that despite living in the information age, we still know so very little about each other. She was inspired to not only write a book to share her story with the world, but provide valuable insight on important topics such as gender, immigration, culture and politics. Now she is pursuing her passion and purpose through community building as a writer, performing artist, comedian and motivational speaker.  

"Bhindy realizes her dream in the midst of life's catastrophes. Age will not whither her, nor will tragedies hinder her infinite and relentless desire to live her dream."